The Bont Speed Skating Helmet Black is manufactured specifically for speed skating. It adopts the rounded shape for better protection during impact. This helmet is suitable for all levels of short and long track speed skating from beginner level to advanced.

Lightweight and comfortable. Great fit. Spider lock tightener in back. Meets ISU regulations. 

Available in Stealth Black Matt with silver logo and three sizes. In addition the comfort dial allows adjustment to the back of the head for a perfect snug fit. This short track speed skating helmet is available in three sizes and three colors.

This Helmet meets all short track speed skating safety standards and is also suitable for long track ice speed skating, giving you peace of mind while you’re on the ice.
Comfortable Fit:
This helmet has been designed to provide a comfortable fit and offers adjustable straps for maximum comfort. s lightweight and won’t weigh you down as you skate.
Durable Construction:
The Bont short track speed skating helmet is crafted from tough materials that are sure to last for years.
Is strong construction will keep your head safe on the ice.
Enhanced Visibility:
Have no fear when it comes to visibility with this helmet – its design allows for enhanced visibility so you can stay focused on the race ahead.
High Quality Design:
From its sleek appearance to its sturdy construction, this helmet is designed with both quality and style in mind. You can trust that your head will be protected while still looking great on the ice!

BONT Super Speed Skating Helmet Black OFFERS Superior Safety:

Available in 3 sizes




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