The Bont Pro Sharpening Jig is designed to fit all the brands of blades on the market. It will be the only jig you will ever need. The pro sharpening jig for short and long track blades was designed in Montreal, Canada by Gael Doucet-Gagnon and then manufactured by Bont Skates.

Bont Pro Sharpening Jig

In addition it is Extremely light,strong, compact. Furthermore it will not affect the curvature of your blades when sharpening. Finally it is easy to assemble and take apart. Great if you are traveling to competitions in you home area or around the world. Made of 6061 aluminum alloy a great buy the Bont pro sharpening jig.

In addition a Sharpening Tutorial.  for all your speed skating equipment. Here.

Lastly You can see all our jigs and kits here.




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