BONT G3 110 mm 84A

The BONT G3 110 mm 84A was developed in the early 2000’s. The chemical formula of the polyurethane used by Bont . This material was used to manufacture the wheels of the professional team. First good point: this model is produced in the United States of America not overseas.


The Bont G3 110mm wheel is equipped with a white core with 8 concave spokes of approximately 70 mm in diameter. In addition the  branches are a little deeper in their center to promote flexion and provide a little more flexibility. This type of configuration notably improves grip in turns and on the track by offering a larger surface of material on the ground.

Furthermore the over-core, also white, is quite generous, the G3 has a lot of polyurethane, and then this increases comfort and inertia, to the detriment of rigidity.

Because the G3  equips many production skates, Bont has managed to reduce the production cost. Therefore offers it at an attractive price of $12.00, which is really low for a wheel of this diameter where prices usually oscillate between $18 .00 and $29.00

Over all a great economy wheel for training, or  use on ruff roads.

Here is a test review done on the Bont G3 110mm wheels.

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