BONT BUCKLE STRAP KIT Original Replacement Parts

This BONT BUCKLE STRAP KIT has all the items needed to replace a broken buckle or a stripped Ladder. Furthermore the full buckle kit that includes a pair of buckles, loop, a pair of 11cm ladders and screws (as per image).  In addition purchasing the full kit is a cost savings.  As well you  can order individual pieces if needed.

Recommended stock  item for active Skaters, Clubs and Equipment Managers.

To replace your buckle use a small screw driver. You can easily replace your current buckles. Please note that you can only replace the buckle on your Boot with the same buckle kit that the Boot came with. You can not replace a Standard buckle with a Slimline buckle.

Not Sure send us a picture of your buckle or skate and we can use our expertise to insure you order the correct replacement part for your skates.

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