The Famous BONT BLACK BACKPACK is Back! This classic version of their best selling Backpack now available in BLACK, along with the same great features.

Long before color was a factor there was Basic Black. Now in Black with Sterling Silver Trim is in, and we have it here! Ergonomically designed for your skate gear. Large pack. Loads of space including: Boot & Helmet and then a water bottle holder plus compartments. Skate tool & parts compartments. Two external straps. Quality construction. Great for either inline or ice Speed Skating Gear and additional equipment.

Limited Edition Bont’s Backpack is Back in Black!

Featuring all the same legendary qualities, BONT has now unveiled their much-loved Silver Backpack in Black. Ergonomically designed to fit your skating essentials, this large pack has plenty of room, boasting compartments for boots, helmets, tools, and bearings – not to mention two wheel straps! Crafted with quality and durability in mind, this backpack is the perfect match for both inline and ice equipment.

In addition the black color looks great even after many seasons of use. Furthermore at a very palatable price.

And Then a review of the classic Bont Black Backpack.

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