Bont ABS Quick Tips for Finger Tips

The Bont ABS Quick Tips for the finger Tips to protect your gloves. Allowing  skaters to pivot aound the Apex with out any drag.

BONT ABS protective finger tips

Protect your gloves from wear

Made from ABS

Long lasting

Easy to glue

Light weight

In Addition all our Short Track Tips are SOLD WITH THE GLUE INCLUDED. 

How do you put tips on speed skating gloves?

Gluing Instructions

  1. Start with Clean Dry Gloves
  2. There are 5 or 7 tips in the packet in varying sizes. Choose the five tips that best fit your finger size. Match the protective tips to your glove.
  3. Apply glue around the edge and then a small dot in the center of the tip. Apply to clean dry gloves. Press tightly onto the glove with hand in the glove.
  4. Wait  a min of 30 minutes before using.

Finley a clip of Olympian Skates Pivoting using their Quick Tips.

Lastly you can find all different colors and styles of our Quick Tips here.



Quick Tips