Ball & Ring Skate Stretcher Boot Punch

The Ball & Ring Skate Stretcher Boot Punch has durable cast iron construction. This is a must have for any Club , Coach, or Equipment  Manager.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Created from cast iron, strength and durability is known through its creation process. Our Ball and Ring Shoe Stretcher was built to last. The construction is top notch and through the casting process its strong enough to alter tough materials like thick leather. Quality is what we had in mind with our Ball and Ring Shoe Stretcher.
  • BUNION STRETCHING: Formed through the casting process, our Ball and Ring Stretcher features targeted spot treatments. The Spot Stretching comes through the Ball and Ring end of the tool. They work in unison; the ring end shows the targeted area, while the ball alters the material. The other end of the tool provides a locking feature to hold the targeted area down for targeted treatments.
  • TARGETED USAGE: The Ball and Ring Stretcher or we like to call it the Spot Stretching Device was geared towards people who needs targeted relief on their footwear. This is great for altering your current shoes or boots be it new or old. You’re able to ease pain due to bunions, corns and even hammertoes with our tool. Don’t wait on it, be comfortable the next time you put your shoes or boots on.
  • APPLICATIONS: Being created to be both strong and durable, the Ball and Ring Stretcher was built to last. This spot stretching tool is great for leather type footwear like dress shoes. It can work with certain types of boots (if unlaced), but it was originally meant for dress shoes. The ball and ring end, which goes into your footwear is short so anything that has more than 4 eyelets will be tougher to get the stretcher into.
  • TIPS: We recommend using our heat and if you have use Stretching Spray in unison with our Ball & Ring Stretcher. The heat and spray softens your leathers and makes the targeted stretching easier while hydrating your shoes or boot.
  • Take your time when using any types of shoes stretching device. Why? All shoes and boots are constructed differently, and you shouldn’t risk breaking stitches or tearing your shoes. Go slow and it will take time to stretch quality leathers.
  • Spot Stretching Device, Target Stretching for Bunion, Corn & Hammertoes
  • Although it was originally designed for foot wear it works equally as well on skate boots. here is a short clip of it in use.

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