Agility Speed Ladder with Carry Bag 15ft 10 Rung

The Agility Speed Ladder will increase your speed and agility by working with the Quick Agility Ladder. Getting your body ready to compete requires consistent training in rhythm, timing and footwork.

In addition athletes looking to improve their ability to quickly change direction will benefit from performance training with the Quick Agility Ladder.

Whether you’re in pre-season, in season or off-season, you can train on your own at home or with your team on the field to improve your footwork and multi-directional speed.

Commit to high-intensity workouts with this versatile and portable Quick Ladder to improve agility and quickness.

Get Quick with Your First Step

In most speed skating  your first step is crucial for success.

First-step quickness is a component of acceleration when talking about speed. Whether it is linear or multi-directional speed, your ability to elicit a quick response to a stimulus is of the utmost importance.

Reaction time is governed by your nervous system or neural integration. Furthermore one of the best tools to elicit your body’s rapid response mechanism is the Quick Agility Ladder.

Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
Improve quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency
Develop the core skills necessary to enhance balance, rhythm and body control
10 Heavy-duty plastic rungs for high-intensity training
Package includes: Flat rung agility ladder, ground stakes, storage bag and training guide

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