3PF 7050 Inline Frame

The 3PF 7050 Inline Frame by Bont is like nothing you’ve seen, like nothing you’ve skated!

Bont engineered the 3PF with our legendary 3 point system which totally eliminates all base boot flex. The curved carbon boot base produces the stiffest sole on the market and guarantees that none of your energy gets absorbed by the boot. The patented 3 point design is brought together with the best materials and the most advanced inline frame computer stress test simulations in the world.

  • Mounting: 2 point 195mm
  • 3PF allows for 3PF Inline Midpoint
  • Length and weight: 13.2″: 202 grams / 12.8″: 186 grams
  • Deck Height (center axle to top of frame): Front 48.5 Rear 59.5
  • Material: 7050
  • Made in: Taiwan

1 pair of frames with axles, spacers and Allen key

Bont mounting hardware set will be provided free of charge only when purchasing boots/packages.

Perfect Flex

Many skaters believe that a stiffer frame is better, however, that is not the case. A frame needs a slight amount of flex in various areas in order to help you turn and to stop the frame skipping at the end of the push. A slight amount of flex near the wheels adds grip at the end of your push. The 3PF frame as been engineered with just the right amount of flex.

2 and 3 Point

The 3PF frame can be attached to a 195mm 2 point boot or our new 195mm 3 point boots. This gives you the most flexibility of any frame available to mix and match a setup that suits your needs. For example, indoor skaters want the flexibility of a 2 point frame whereas road skaters want the strength of a 3 point.

Frame Length

The 3PF frame comes in 2 lengths. 13.2″ 4x110mm or 12.8″ 4x100mm that will fit 105mm wheels.

Frame Specifications

Mounting: 2 point 195mm, 3 point 195mm
Deck Height: Front 48.5 Rear 59.5 (center axle to top of frame)
Made in: Taiwan


The 110mm frame weighs in at an incredible 190g which is extremely light weight for the strength of the frame.

7050 T6 Aluminum

7075 is an Aerospace aluminum alloy. It is the premier choice for aerospace applications requiring the best combination of strength, stress corrosion cracking resistance and toughness. 7050 exhibits better toughness/corrosion resistance characteristics than 7075. T6 – means that the 3PF frame has been solution heat treated and then artificially aged. This tempering process greatly increases the hardness of the metal. The extrusion must be held in a special jig while it is tempered to strop it from twisting.

Computer Aided Stress Testing

Bont employs the most advanced computer aided frame stress testing on the market. This ensures that every part of the frame is strong enough to withstand month after month of skating without suffering metal fatigue which is a popular cause of frame breakage.


The design was then tested in our 3D simulator which tests the frames strengths and weaknesses in a real skating simulation. The design was tweaked and re-tested. The 3PF design went through over 200 days of virtual testing and tweaking before the first frame was crafted.

CNC Precision Machining

The 3PF is machined using precision CNC machines. This ensures that the bearing mounts are perfectly flat and the axles line up perfectly. All important factors in ensuring the highest roll possible.


The axles are made of 7075 Aluminum to ensure that they never strip.


We push the limits of technology to help you perform at your best.

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