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Edge Magic Diamond Burr stone DMT Edge Magic New MADE IN USA, Edge Magic Diamond by burring stone. The new exclusive size fits perfectly to straight and curved planks and can be used comfortably vertically or horizontally. The performance of this stone is achieved by sharpening the leftovers less than any other stone currently available. The « Zero Clog » design works well both dry and with your favorite oil / lubricant. Full metal die for long life without groove. Available in coarse, fine or extra fine grain.

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The EDGE MAGIC DIAMOND BURR STONE DMT is the perfect addition to any Speed skaters de-burring kit they are also key to a woodworker’s toolkit. Made in the USA, this exclusive size is designed to fit perfectly on the side of a skate blade. It can be used comfortably in both vertical and horizontal positions. Whether you’re looking to sharpen, hone, deburr or maintain the edge of your blades or tools, the Edge Magic Diamond Burr Stone from DMT is the ultimate tool for keeping your blades and tools in top condition. With its high-quality construction and durable design, it’s sure to be a valuable asset for any speed skater or woodworker enthusiast.

Why Invest in Edge Magic Diamond Burr Stone DMT?

When it comes to maintaining and sharpening your blades and tools, it is important to use high-quality products that will get the job done right. The EDGE MAGIC DIAMOND BURR STONE DMT is a premium product that is designed to remove and deburr leaving you with a clean sharp precise edge on your blades and tools.

The « Zero Clog » design works well, both dry and with your favorite oil/lubricant. With a full metal die for long life without groove and available in coarse, fine, or extra-fine grain, the EDGE MAGIC DIAMOND BURR STONE DMT is the perfect tool for any speed skater or woodworker.

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