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Short Track v/s Long Track Speed Skating

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Weidermann Long Track Olympian

Short Track v/s Long Track Speed Skating

Distinguishing the Tracks: A Deep Dive into Short Track and Long Track Speed Skating

Canada’s love for speed skating is epitomized by champions like Charles Hamelin, Kim Boutin, Clara Hughes, and Cindy Klassen. With a rich history of over 70 Olympic medals, speed skating is Canada’s crown jewel. However, short track and long track speed skating are worlds apart, each presenting unique challenges and requiring distinct skills and equipment.

Contrasting the Ovals: Size Matters

Short track speed skating unfolds on compact 111m ovals, where turns dominate the race, dictating distinct demands for skaters and their gear. In contrast, long track speed skating features expansive 400m ovals, offering a different rhythm and strategy.

Diverse Events: A Spectrum of Challenges

Short Track Events

Short track events encompass single races over 500m, 1000m, and 1500m, along with a 5000m relay for men and a 3000m relay for women, featuring 4 to 6 competitors per heat.

Long Track Events

Long track events include individual races in 500m, 1000m, and 1500m for both genders, with additional 5000m and 10000m races for men and 3000m and 5000m races for women. Each skater competes in their own lane against time.

Equipment Distinctions: Crafting the Edge

Boots and Blades

Short track boots are rigid and high-cut, designed to withstand intense cornering forces comparable to a space shuttle lift-off. Long track boots are lower and flexible. The blade design also varies, with long track skates featuring clap skates with a hinging mechanism, optimizing stride efficiency.understand why they are regarded as different sports. 

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