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Beginner’s Manual to Ice Skating Gear

Points to consider before buying your first pair of inline speed skates

Beginner’s Manual to Ice Skating Gear

When you are just starting with ice skating, there may be a lot of things you are unclear about. If you want to know about a starter’s kit for ice skating, then this guide will definitely help you. But before planning to purchase a base of ice skating shoes, it is important to decide which ice-based activity you would like to pursue. Every ice skating discipline consists of its own set of requisitions that you should know before you impulse-buy your first pair.

Figure skates-

Figure skating involves skaters performing jumps, spins and turns in an extremely well-choreographed mish-mash. Hence, figure skates should be pretty flexible and crafted from leather. The blades should be precisely sharp to match the accuracy needed of the performer. Every blade is fixed along the base of the foot and is supplemented by a toe-pick in the front for flexible spinning and jumping.

Ice hockey skates-

Ice hockey skates are designed to endure the physical pressure of a rigorous high-contact sport. They don’t fit the ankles as cozily as figure skates. Rather, they are sleeker, flatter, without toe-pick at the front. They are comparatively lighter but render more support to the feet with blades rounded at the back.

Speed ice skates-

Speed ice needs very quick movement in the feet, permitting fast progress in the ice race. This is why a speed ice skate has lengthy and thin blades with more strength in the front than at the end of the skate. Likewise, a lot of speed skating blades are made to be unattached to the heel of the boot. It doesn’t let the blade dig into the ice and slow down the racer because of friction. Speed ice skates aren’t a feasible option for absolute novices.

Choose the perfect-fitting pair of ice skates-

Now that you know the three major types of ice skates, you should be able to decide which one to go for. If you are a beginner who just wants to learn the basics of ice skating and have an active time, then figure skates are the best option for you.

Both ice hockey and speed ice skates are made keeping the exact sports in focus, figure skates offer you everything needed to start with the basic moves and turns.

Make sure you choose a pair of skates that fits snugly and isn’t too loose or tight. It should support your ankles well during the session and not be very stiff. Do not choose money over quality. Skimping on quality to save a few bucks isn’t good. Buy from a reputable and specialist store like ZT Sports and seek expert advice as and when you need it.

Apart from picking the right ice skating shoes, you should also select designer sportswear. Beginner ice skating is all about keeping yourself warm and comfortable. Make sure your clothes fit well and aren’t baggy or tight. Choose fairly long-lasting and light clothing to start with and then you can switch to other options.

Prepare for ice skating-

If you have bought a nice pair of skates shoes with warm clothing and skate accessories, then you are ready to start your beginner’s lesson. So, keep yourself protected and enjoy some amazing ice skating action now!

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