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Helmets Recommended for Roller Skating

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Helmets Recommended for Roller Skating

Micro mobility, undoubtedly, is having a moment!

Skateboarding, cycling, longboarding- activities with wheels are keeping people healthier, happier and more active during this tough time. Two activities have joined the crew: rollerblades and roller skating. They are quite in trend in 2021.What makes roller skating amazing is that you don’t need to wait to skate indoors, if you own a pair of skates or rollerblades.

The pandemic witnessed an excessive demand for roller skates. But, no activity can be done without skating protection gear. Here is a guide to help you choose the right helmet before you roll out. So, if you are thinking of heading out on roller skates or inline skates, you should first safeguard your head with a helmet.

Different helmets recommended for roller skating –

There are two variants of helmets for roller and inline skating, the dome-style skate helmet and the performance bike helmet. The second one is an amazing option if you want to be aerodynamic or if you are on the speed skating team. You can also choose a performance bike helmet if you are an enthusiastic roller skater who likes to speed through crowded locations and rugged terrains.

However, if you do roller skating as a recreational activity, then skate helmet style is a good option for you. The hard shell offers undoubtable protection, especially to your neck. You have different matte and shiny color options. check out the breathability, visor and straps of the helmet before finalizing one. It should have a customizable dial fit system for a cozy fit.

Rollerblade vs. Roller skating Helmets-

Regardless of which roller sport you pick; an efficient multi-sport skating helmet will safeguard you against high-impact accidents. The roller skating and rollerblading helmets are manufactured of a lightweight, crushable EPS foam and polycarbonate outer shell.

Make sure you buy a helmet that is CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified. Some helmet brands offer additional safety standard tests on their helmets.

Safety comes First-

There isn’t anything like being too safe when you are suited up and rolling around the street. You may consider other skate accessories for your knees and wrists. When someone falls, the initial impact is on their hands. Speed skating gloves and wrist guards are designed to protect your hands and wrists against scrapes and injuries. Make sure both of them fit perfectly and are comfortable.

Do not ignore your elbows and knees. Wear elbow pads and knee pads to prevent scratches and scrapes, in case you fall. You can also use reflective stickers to enhance your visibility to pedestrians and vehicles, in case you roll around after dark. These roller skates accessories help you have a happier and safer rolling experience.

Conclusion :

Rollerblading and roller skating allow you to cruise around and enjoy leisure time. Though a little adventurous, they are still considered safe in comparison to BMX riding, longboarding etc.

Choose the right kind of protective gear depending on your skating style and roll out. Your Rollin’ reaches a new level when you dress your noggin’ with a cool helmet and related protective gear for roller skating.

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